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“A Cut above the Rest with No Man Left behind”

Noble Klass Academy has time after time proved that its systematically structured curriculum ‘works’.

From the middle & high school courses to the SAT Prep., our system has not only provided the optimal academic education for the students, but also allowed our instructors and staffs to customize our service for the students who have their own unique style and preference.

Anyone. Everyone. can improve.

Join and experience the difference in quality and satisfaction at Noble Klass Academy.

Average SAT Score

Noble Klass Academy: 1460
Seoul Int'l School: 1490
Phillips Exeter Academy: 1400
US Average: 1050

Qualified Faculty Staff

Over 220 Years of
Collective Teaching Experiences
Validated Academic Credentials

College Acceptances

U. Penn, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Georgetown, Wake Forest, NYU
and more
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